Open Locked or Password Protected MS-Excel Documents - How to?

    Do you forget your MS-Excel file's Password?? Is there any way to open it?? Of-course YES my Friends. Now open any password protected Microsoft Excel file easily without knowing any password. Just follow the steps below to open your locked/password protected MS-Excel file.

How to open password protected Microsoft Excel documents:

    There are two ways to open a password protected MS-excel file without knowing it's actual Password, either by decrypting the entire excel file or by recovering the original password. I’ll summarize the steps in a simple way below.
  • Download office password recovery tool from this link.
  • Install the application with the default options.
  • Run the application and navigate to the password protected file by clicking the open button provided in the top left of the window.
  • This launches the recovery wizard.Here you can find two options.
    a) 100% instant document decryption - This method is the fastest and it strips all the password protection from the msexcel document.
    b)Recover the password to open - While this method just finds the original password of the excel file.
  • Choose any of the option and recover the password protected Excel document.
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