Top 10 Real Ways to Make Money with your Blog

 In the recent years blogging is one of the hottest topic in the internet.  Some people use Blogging as a hobby, a platform to developing their knowledge, a tool to improve their writing skill.  But Blogging is the best real time Money Making program in Online.  Yes, every year million of people earn money from blogging in online.  Many of the bloggers  changed blogging as their profession.  The income of a blog depends on the traffic of the blog.  So the earlier days of a blog is not a good time to make money.  Because most of blogs are could not able to get the decent amount of traffic.  But if a blog reaches a minimum traffic limit, then it attain the eligibility to earn money.  There are countless ways available for earning money from a blog, here i will suggest you 10 important ways, which will give you better ideas to improve your income.
Top 10 Ways to Make Money with your Blog:

Google Adsense :

     When it comes to the Advertisement, Google Adsense is the first preference for many bloggers. Because it is the most popular, high paid PPC (Pay-Per-Click) based ad network in the internet and it is owned by Google. The biggest advantage of the Adsense is, it displays the contextual type ads, it means they will be display the relevant advertisement to your contents of the blog. So your Visitors will not be get irritated, at the same time Adsense allows you to create & use multiple ad sizes. Google Adsense pays 68% of Revenue Share to it’s publishers, so you can earn considerable amount from your blog.

5 Techniques How do Hackers Hack Your Account Password

Many of the Internet users might have victims of their email or any other social media accounts being hacked. This may happen because of the hackers who hacked the password for undertaking the accounts from the authorized users. The hackers will hack your password for various purposes like gaining profits, showing their skills and to use your account to spam your contacts by sending profitable links. Most of the time, the hackers will hack the account password without the user’s knowledge by using various techniques. The only solution to protect your accounts from the hackers is by knowing the possible ways for hacking your password, now you will know the cause before doing any action while accessing your account. There are several techniques used by the hackers to hack your account password, here I am going to share about 5 most common ways used by the hackers to crack your password and your personal information. 
5 Possible Ways for the Hackers to Hack your Password:
1. KeyLoggers:

This is the common method used by the hackers to crack your account password, because it is the easiest method among all the techniques. This is actually a software that is already installed in your system memory, which will automatically run whenever the system starts. KeyLogger software will track the keystrokes while entering your Login details on the online sites. These Keystrokes are stored into a log file and then it is sent to the hacker through which the hacker can crack your password easily with the help of the keystrokes you entered. To overcome this problem, the online users are recommended to use Online virtual keyboard while typing password for sensitive sites.


GHOST is a software that can be used to backup or recover any partition on a storage disk connected to your system.
It is much easier to recover system using ghost (if it has been backed up using ghost earlier) than to make fresh installations everytime the system crashes.
Ghost can also be used from a Pen Drive.This is quite handy and helpful if in case CD-DVD ROM is not functioning.

  • USB-BOOT enabled BIOS.
  • A Pen Drive (any size will work).
  • HP USB Storage Format Tool (Download).
  • Ghost ".exe" file (Download).
  • Windows 98 Boot Files (Download).

Use Google Chrome to Remove Password From PDF File

Have you ever thought to remove password from PDF file? We often receive PDF files which are password protected. Having the secured PDF files is always suggestible, but the problem comes when there are many. Suppose, if we have different passwords for different PDF files then we may fall in to the situation where we could not recollect the password and fails to open that PDF file. In this article, I will let you know how to use Google Chrome to remove password from PDF file without the need of any other software.

how to remove password from pdf using google chrome

How to Remove Password from PDF File Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is not just a web browser but sometimes it saves us time with it’s amazing features. Both

How to Compress Video Files for YouTube, Facebook, whatsapp

It is very easy to Compress video files for web, YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp. There are many free compression softwares available. Here I am going to show you how I compress video files for different purpose. I don’t promise you that, you can reduce file size by 90% without loosing quality. Because it is not possible. When you want to get higher compression levels, you need to compromise with quality.
compress video files
There are two types of compression’s possible. Loss-less and Lossy. When you want
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