How do I Increase my modem timeout?

    Increase your modem timeout and surf the web faster. This is really very annoying when your modem is timing out during chatting with someone special, file transfers or loading Web Pages, you might try increasing the timeout period by using this PC trick. You can resolve this issue by increasing the modem timeout setting in registry. In this Trick I am going to share a simple but very effective way to reduce timeout of a modem. For this pc tricks you have to do the following steps.

Steps for increase the timeout of Modem:

  • First of all Click on START button,and choose RUN option from the pop up Menu.
  • Then write down Regedit in the RUN. It will open your registry panel.
  • Now you have to choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE option in registry panel.Then go to System as shown below in screen shot.
  • Choose System then CurrentControlSet.
  • Then go to Services after this class.
  • In class you have to choose Modem\ XXXX\ Settings Where XXXX is the number of your modem
  • In the right panel and double click on Inactivity Timeout.
  • The number of minutes for a timeout should be entered between the brackets.
  • For example, a setting could have S19=<10> to set it to 10 minutes.
    That’s all about this pc trick. This PC trick is so easy to perform.
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